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Greek Hospitality and Kefi

Travel to Greece to experience 'kefi', (celebration of life); in dance, song and conversation with people from all over the world.

Recount stories about unique moments in your travels; sharing in the magic of Greek hospitality under brilliant stars.

Appreciate what others have to say; talking in ways that lead to new perspectives and alternative possibilities for understanding.

Notice your surroundings in a setting that holds magnetic resonance from ancient times.

Savor Greek foods; where the flavors of honey, figs, olives, capers, almonds, local produce and wines will delight and intoxicate your senses.

Feel the cool refreshing morning air and the playful night breezes; as dawn's red rosy fingers rise behind the mountains and the moon sets gently into the gulf.

Open your heart and mind to the peace and tranquility of just being; abiding like the ancient graves in the caves and at the seashore.

Reflect on thoughts that offer hope for future encounters and renewed connections.

Maintain contact at home again; with new friends, ideas and possibilities for another visit.

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